About us

Fashion changes, but style endures”, said Coco Chanel once.

People choose what to wear: they choose the quality, the color, the fabric and the design. This forms what we call: “Style”.

Fabric is the main determinant of the quality of any piece. Among many other types, Silk is very special in terms of the type and length of fibers used to create any Silk piece including Scarves, Shawls or as we call them Hijabs.

Fibers in fabrics can be Natural, Artificial or Synthetic. The length of each fiber can also vary. They might be long continuous fibers that can measure up to kilometers longs (Filament fibers) or can be very small and measure from millimeters to inches long (Staple fibers).


The type of fibers used in a fabric will impact its appearance, its durability and strength, its hygroscopicity and its level of comfort. Hence why Filament fibers are the type often sought for.

While many fabrics can be artificially or synthetically made of Filament fibers, Silk is the only natural protein fiber to exist in Filament form. It is believed that Silk was first discovered by the Chinese around 3000 BC.

Historically, Silk fabric was widely considered as a luxurious fabric worn exclusively by the higher ranked classes including the Royal families. This was mainly due to the quality of this special fabric and the hard process that leads to the production of any piece.

Today, Silk fabric is available throughout the world. Its low conductivity and high absorbency allow it to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Compared to other fabrics, Silk can dry very fast. These combined characteristics allow any woman wearing a Silk Hijab to have a better control of perspiration while letting the skin breath. The feel of Silk fabric is unmistakable:  soft, extravagant and the fabric waves like water. These qualities make it especially suitable for Scarves, Shawls and Hijabs.

At Rickezza Canada, we are dedicated to providing our consumers with the highest qualities of Hijabs. This is why we offer exclusively Silk fabric, a fabric reserved for the upper class.

While Fashion changes over time, Silk is a determinant of the Endured Style…